We are Hardtimes Design a dynamic duo that pours all of our creative energy into each one of our original and hand-drawn illustrations and screen printed t shirts. 

With a shared common love for vintage design and tattoo art, we each expertly weave our most vivid imaginations into a cohesive design. Each one of our designs starts as a sketch on paper and evolves into a viable art work that tells a story of its own. 
With a penchant for illustration, urban clothing and a love for Mother Earth, our independent brand "Hard Times Design” is truly an enchanted journey that combines the better of two worlds – style and sustainability. 
Unlike store-bought clothing, our cotton shirts and home décor items are manufactured with water-based inks which are much kinder to the environment than chemical based paints.
Inspired by vintage illustrations, nature and tattoo art, we screen-print each design onto ethically-manufactured streetwear clothing and home décor accessories. The result is nothing short of amazing. In addition to printed t shirts, our collection includes tanks, sweatshirts, kids’ clothing, accessories, and home goods.  
All of our items will fill your home and wardrobe with personality in addition to layers of individual charm.
Take a walk on the road less travelled and color yourself stylish with one of our handmade products! 

Hardtimes Design is more than a clothing brand: we are also available for custom designs and illustrations, feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your ideas and get a quote!